Saturday, February 27, 2010


20 Facts About Me You Probably Don’t Care to Know

So this is my twentieth entry. . .yay!!! I was reading through old entries on a schoolmate’s blog, (whose writing I envy, but in a good non-evil way) and she did something like this on one of her milestone entries. I loved the idea, so I’m totally stealing it. I am making it a little bit “my own” as I am grouping them. I hope you don’t mind, aforementioned schoolmate.

I. Things I Can’t Stand
A. Most Republicans, especially this one.

B. Stupidity
D. Mean domineering men.
E. Animal Cruelty.

II. Things I Love
A. Pens. Yes, the kind you write with. All kinds of them. . .but my favorite is ball point.
B. These guys.

Um. There is no pic in the world more awesome than this. . .

C. and these guys. . .YUM.

D. Tattoos
E. Purses

III. Things I Want For Myself (right now anyway)
A. To be thin. Not like bony thin, but thin.
B. Debra Messing’s hair.

C. Vera Bradley bags in every pattern and style.

D. The next tattoo I have in mind.
E. A pen that makes me have perfect pretty handwriting.

IV. Randomness
A. When I was little, I used to hate it when my cousins from Knoxville came to visit, as they took away my grandparent’s attention from me. As a result, I referred to them as “The Yuckies”.
B. Besides my present cat, Baby, the best pet I ever had was a mutt with one eye and no tail, named Bobbi.
C. No matter what kind of insect it is, when it first lands on me, I will spaz like I have some sort of terrible seizure disorder.
D. I want a Puma for a pet.

E. It took a lot of coaxing from several people to ever get me on stage to do theatre. . .believe it or not.


  1. Sarah Palin makes me stabby . . . I can't stand that woman!!

    I want Debra Messing's hair too . . . I would kill to be a natural redhead.

    Happy 20th post!

  2. Me either. She's a boil on the butt of womankind.

    Me too. . .I want the red AND the waviness.

    Thanks :-D

    -This is Amy, I'm too lazy to sign in. :P

  3. Happy Bloggy Goodness!^_^

    I think with every post I love you a little more. The following are just a few reasons why:

    - Things I Can't Stand...C. PETA

    - "As a result, I referred to them as 'The Yuckies'."

    - I will spaz like I have some sort of terrible seizure disorder.

    Love ^_^