Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things- EZ Combs

First off, don't laugh at me, and don't judge. I think the best invention of the last decade is the EZ Comb. Stop laughing.

I wasn't so sure about them when I first saw them on TV. I thought to myself "Are these tacky?" I thought they might be a bit "too much" for every day use. I'm pretty much a black ponytail elastic and bobby pin kind of girl. Then, they finally came out in stores. My mom bought a set at Wal-Mart for the two of us. I tried them various ways, and now, I adore them. I don't even mind the copious amount of blingage in my hair. They're comfortable, they hold like a charm, they're pretty versatile, and they hold well enough to hang onto shorter hair.

Another one of my New Year's resolutions was to not cut length off of my hair for a year. I say length because I will need some trimming, and will need someone to run the thinning shears through my hair as it is super thick. I am taking Andrew Lessman's "Healthy Hair Skin and Nails" vitamins. You can get them from QVC if you're interested.I thought I got ripped off (hair-wise, I saw a difference in my nails in a week or two) for about six weeks to two months, then my hair just started growing and growing and hasn't stopped. I love it. The pic I use here as my profile photo was taken late October of '09. Since then, I've had one professional trim at the beginning of December, to even up months and months of self haircuts. It didn't make that much of a difference in length. Now, my hair, at its shortest point is touching my shoulders, and the longest is about an inch longer than that. I'm so excited!

So, my main points are: 1) EZ Combs are awesome in general. 2) EZ Combs are even more awesome if you're growing out your hair.



  1. Those are cute . . . but I'm pretty sure I'd injure myself with one. . . I'm still trying to figure out how to operate bobby pins . . . *sigh* I suck at being a girl sometimes.

    I was taking pre-natal vitamins - not b/c I was trying to make a baby but because they make your hair and nails grow like mad. It works . . . but I think this time around I'm just gonna by the supplement.

  2. I actually took the Prenatal sort for years; they do work really well. I just took the generic Wal-Mart kind. These AL ones I'm taking now are a good bit more expensive, but I think they work better.

    Don't feel bad, I have bobby pin fails a lot more than I have bobby pin wins! ;)